Importance of TMT Bar

Why TMT Bar is Important in Construction?

Cement Concrete is strong but it does not have any Tensile Strength. Only by adding professional TMT Bars it is ready to be used for all construction. After adding it in Cement Concrete it is called Reinforced Cement Concrete.

TMT Bars provide better bondage and reduce the possibility of slippage. Other than plain steel bars Reinforced Steel Bars provides better grip and tensile strength to the structure.

TMT Bars can be segregated in different grades as per its tensile strength. For example Fe 550 has the tensile strength of 550. In seismic zones, the strong tensile strength is equally important because it helps to withstand the structures during earthquake. During an earthquake, tensile strength prevent structures from being uprooted during the exchange of extra energy in surface level.

Guidelines for Using Quality TMT Bars

To get the best output and avoid damages there are certain things that needs to be maintained while using TMT bar:

  • It is always preferred to stack up Steel Bars on raised wooden surface. It helps to protect the material from humidity, moisture, rain etc.
  • To protect it from external elements such as rain, sunlight etc. It is recommended to cover TMT Bars with tarpaulin
  • There are different types of rebars that are used such as
    • Galvanized Rebars
    • Non-coated TMT Rebars
    • Stainless Steel Material
    • These all should keep separately otherwise it can be affected by chemical reaction, rust etc.
  • During the stack up maximum height should not exceed more than 150mm from ground level?
  • Using special steel rack is most important to stack up the TMT Bars. It helps to avoid bend, slump etc.
  • Before using the bar it needs to be properly cleaned up. Otherwise the impurities causes severe affect in bonding
  • All ¬†joints should bind diagonally