Best TMT Bar in India

Consumption ratio of finished steel in India is remarkable. By 2030 steel consumption is likely to reach 230 MT. in India. In finished steel category for civil construction Thermo mechanically Treated Bars (TMT Bars) plays a vital role in civil construction. Best quality TMT bars in India are mandatory for RCC Construction because it provides the core strength to the infrastructure segment.

Therefore, it is important to know few things about it. Till late 90’s people in India did not have much knowledge because of lower awareness. As a result low quality players barged in to the market.

Bureau of Indian standards acted remarkably and started recognizing the standard of TMT Bars. Different Grades of TMT Bars has been introduced as per Indian Seismic Zone.

After a certain point of time First Construction Council (FCC) also came up with detailed analysis and recognized the manufacturers who are actually in high repute. Once this recognition process introduced market become more vigilant and people started recognizing which are best to be used when it comes to civil construction.

Production of Best Quality TMT Bars in India

Currently best TMT bars in India are produced in ISP’s (Integrated Steel Plants). In Integrated Steel Plants the entire process starting from raw material manufacturing to finish product everything is done under one roof. There are few glitches to it. In modern construction industry the delivery need in strict on time and also the quality needs to be up to the mark at any cost.

In current scenario the Thermo Mechanical Treatments are not composed it is done in various stages such as Rolling, Furnace Heating, Water Jet Cooling etc. and post production also cutting, bending etc. are done separately as per the project need. It causes huge time consumption, delay in delivery, wastage and many more.

New Technology for Manufacturing Best TMT Bars in India

New edge best tmt bar brands in India are trying to find new way so that quality TMT bars can be produced more in quantity in lesser time span. That will ignite the growth in construction industry.

ARP (Automatic Rebar Processing) is the new rebar manufacturing process for which manufacturers and suppliers are getting ready for the same. It is completely automatic rebar processing technology that

– Saves Time

– Saves Cost

– Increases Efficiency

ARP is completely software driven it is essential to optimize it properly to get the desired result in production, quality and minimizing the wastage.

Why TMT Bars are utmost Important Material in Construction Industry?

TMT Bars – Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars hold every structure since its inception. TMT Steel bar is specially designed that gives strength to every structure. Other materials such as Cement, Coarse Aggregate etc are bonds with TMT Bars and increases strength. TMT steel Bars are made of using less carbon & sulphur therefore it is highly corrosion resistant & less brittle. The two major benefits of TMT rods are:

  • Possibility of developing crack will be less
  • It enhances longevity of every Structure

How to Qualify which TMT Bar is Best in India?

There are plenty of brands that are selling TMT Bars in the market but there are few factors that can help you to determine the quality of TMT Bar.

TMT Bars makes every construction structurally sound and long lasting so, it is important to keep a check before you buy.

Strength & Elongation

Due to its manufacturing process TMT Bar has the unique feature that is strong from the outside and softer in core. Therefore, TMT Bars are best to protect structures during Earthquake.


TMT Bars are highly ductile and less brittle. Therefore, it can be used as per the construction structure.

Bend & Re-bend

According to the need in construction structure TMT Bars can easily bend & re-bend as well without losing its property.


It is always important to see that TMT Bars are manufactured by complying the rule of IS Standards.


TMT Bars comes in different Grades such as Fe 415, Fe 415d, Fe 500, Fe 500d, Fe 550, Fe 550d, Fe 600, Fe 600D.

Fe’ denotes iron & the number elongation. As Per IS Standards and Indian seismic zone division Fe 500d grade TMT Bars are most recommended because it has the right balance between strength & ductility.

10 Best Quality TMT Bar Manufacturers in India

  1. Shyam Steel

    Shyam Steel is one of the best quality TMT bar manufacturers and suppliers in India. Their TMT rebars comes with an advantages such as superior stability, consistent quality, high strength-to-weight ratios, uniform grades, dimensions, and tolerances. They have in house NABL accredited lab to ensure uniform quality. Shyam Steel TMT bars are generally utilized in developing structures, spans, flyovers, dams, modern structures, elevated structures, underground stages and so on.

  2. JSW Neo Steel

    JSW Steel Ltd. has state of the art TMT manufacturing facilities with 18MTPA installed capacity across the country. The bars are apt for earthquake prone zones and are more resistant to shocks due to a combination of high strength and ductility. It is often a choice for India’s landmark projects.

  3. SAIL

    Steel Authority of India is among the most trusted manufacturers for construction in India. Their products are known to be extremely ductile and their strength makes them ideal for heavy-duty construction. Sail is one of the most prominent names in the steel business. It is an Indian association administered and totally worked by the Government of India.

  4. Bhushan Steel

    Bhushan Steel has become quite popular within a short span, since its inception in 2003. This TMT bar manufacturer is known for its quality products, state-of-the-art technology and efficient service. The company headquarter is in Delhi. They are also a leading manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products as well as value added products with total steel value chain.

  5. Kedaar Steel

    DS Rolling Mills Private Limited was started in the year 2011 with the aim to expand in the steel sector of India. Kedaar Steel is their flagship brand manufactured in their fully integrated Uttarakhand plant. Kedaar TMT  comes in in Fe415 and Fe500 grades.

  6. Rathi Steel STELMAX

    Rathi Steel Group started with manufacturing quenched and self-tempered steel bars. Produced with state-of-the-art technology, the steel bars have the capacity to withstand earthquake, fire, and corrosion. STELMAX 500 FRD TMT BARS are made as per IS 1786-2008. These bars are available in a wide range of diameters from 8mm to 32mm and are suitable for all types of requirement.

  7. Vizag Steel

    Vizag TMT is an eminent steel brand in India having a wide market in India as well as outside. Manufactured in their plant in Vishakhapatnam, Vizag TMT gives buyers significant quality. It is a Govt. of India undertaking.

  8. Kamdhenu Steel

    Kamdhenu Steel is another famous steel company of India. These bars are available in all sizes for homes, workplaces, and ventures. 

  9. Tata Tiscon

    Tata Tiscon is one of the top TMT bar company in India established in 1907 based in Mumbai. It is also widely used in both private and public ventures.

  10. Jindal Panther TMT bars(JSPL)

    Jindal Panther is one of the most respected brands in the B2B steel market in India. The steel rolling process is done at Morgan Rolling Mill, producing TMT bars of high quality and finish. Jindal Panther offers only Fe 550D TMT rebar grade.